Flower Deliveries

Flowers are a great way to tell someone special that you care – whether it be as a gift for a special occasion, or by way of an apology or in sympathy for the passing of a sad event. There are flowers for all occasions, and buying them need not break the bank.

While any time is a good time to send someone you care for a bouquet of flowers, there are some special occasions which should never go unmarked on your calendar, since flowers make ideal Valentines day gifts, and an ideal safe option for those who have run out of Mother’s day gift ideas.

Of course, flowers are also typically used as anniversary gifts, usually from one member of a couple to another. Or even by way of an apology, at any time of the year. Some lucky ladies also receive a bouquet of flowers ‘just because’ from their sweetheart from time to time; they make a lovely surprise and can brighten up someone’s day.

Flowering Romance

One of the most powerful connotations linked to flowers, like chocolates, is romance. There is no denying that flowers make an excellent romantic gift, and the queen of all romantic flowers is, of course, the rose. However, roses come in many different colors and styles, so are also one of the most versatile.

If one is going for the pure romance value of a bouquet, then deep red roses, with a velvety texture are probably the best type to opt for. Married with a white flower such as gypsophila, the effect is simply stunning, as the small white flowers will bring out the larger, deep red roses perfectly.

The quantity is important. To really make a big romantic gesture, think in terms of ‘dozens’. Smaller amounts, less than 24, will have a lesser initial effect on the lady in question, however, if it is an ongoing relationship, then smaller bouquets will certainly help you remain in her good books.

Whiter than White

Of course, joyous occasions such as marriage can also make use of slightly less vibrant colors – one might feel that it be inappropriate to send dozens of red long stemmed roses to a couple on their wedding day, for example. Usually, whites would be more appropriate to signify the pureness of the bride in question.

Any flowers in the pastel ranges are also great for Mothers day. This includes tulips, lilies, and the lighter roses, mixed with filler flowers that the florist will choose as accompaniments to the principal flowers in the bouquet or arrangement.

Two other very special occasions for lovers are, of course, Valentine’s Day and the various anniversaries that couples like to mark; marriage, engagement, that first kiss…

For bouquets intended to mark such occasions, it is usually back to the rose again, as principal flower, mixed in with some others depending on style, occasion and budget. For a change, one might like to try creating a bouquet around lighter red, or even pink roses; keeping the romance, but also offering a gift that is less oriented towards seduction and passion.

Lighter Shades

There are also some key special occasions where it is common to make a special effort as far as flowers are concerned. Sympathy flowers, for example, as a gesture of friendship and caring for someone close to you when they suffer a loss of any kind are a wonderful way to illustrate your relationship.

They should be kept pastel or pale in color; light lilac colors, pale yellows and creamy whites are often nice, soothing colors for such a bouquet. In certain cultures, there might be specific flowers which are used as the predominant flower in a funeral bouquet, for example, which a good florist will be able to advice you on.

Seasonal Flowers

Naturally, the availability of flowers will also be tempered by the season, and Easter is often a time when people like to give flowers – for some it marks the start of spring, for others it is just an excuse to buy a nice, light, bouquet.

Multicolored roses, tulips, lilies, oversized daisies, and several kind of wild flowers are usual in Easter flowers. There are two aspects to the Easter bouquet – some people like to keep it light and oriented towards spring and wild flowers, while others tend towards the pastel pinks of cultivated roses and lilies.

As Easter is also a religious festival, this may effect the kinds of flowers that the recipient is expecting. Care must be taken not to select flowers that might have an undertone or meaning that goes against the spirit of the season. For example, deep red roses or scarlet flowers might offend those with a religious leaning at Easter.

Getting the bouquet into the recipients hands has never been easier. There are so many delivery and florist services around the world that it has become one of the most commonly used online services. It means that, even if you are the other side of the world from the recipient, you can still show that you care.

Online Florist Services

The first step is to find an online florist that will deliver to your chosen recipient. The way that this is done is by using a flower delivery service such as FTD or Interflora. They will be able to draw on a network of florists who deliver in major cities, small towns, or even villages, in many cases – worldwide.

They will also have links between US and European based florists, as well as local florists in other countries. Be aware, however, that in many cases, sending flowers across the world will mean that the bouquet may not have the exact flowers in it that the purchaser has asked for due to local availability of different flower species.

Usually, to send flowers, all that is required is that the buyer selects a general bouquet or flower arrangement style, provides payment details, the name, address and delivery time, and lets the florist or one of their network of flower shops do the rest.

This makes it slightly different from buying flowers in a florist, and delivering them to the lucky recipient oneself. On the other hand, even if you are sending flowers from across town, there is a certain romantic cachet attached to receiving flowers from someone else!

The easiest way to send flowers as a gift is online; there is the advantage of being able to complete the order without ever leaving ones seat, of course, plus the wealth of choice that the internet gives individual providers and their affiliates.

Being able to draw from so many sources means that one is almost guaranteed delivery service in most towns throughout the world, since nearly all of them will have a local florist to process the order.

This also means that, in most cases, the order will be processed on the same day, and delivered promptly to the chosen recipient. In fact, the delivery time for flower gifts is usually faster than any other kind, which makes them ideal as a gift when the sender has been too busy, or simply forgotten, to get another present.

Whilst looking for cut flowers, it might also be an idea to try and find an arrangement that contains a potted plant. This way, the recipient will have something with a little more permanence to remember you by. Flowers are wonderful, and make an excellent gift, but even the highest quality bouquets do tend to wither – adding a nice real plant will make sure that the effect continues for months afterwards.